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The Great British Swing Dance Show SO Sunday 28th April 2019 saw us with tickets in hand, head to Birmingham Town Hall (one of my favourite venues) for the extravaganza of ‘Shake That Thing – The Great British Swing Dance Show’. The tickets had been a gift and in typical fashion had been kept safe and as a result we hadn’t done much research into what this afternoon event entailed! So what was it, I hear you ask? The afternoons entertainment was led by Tony Jacobs and the Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra, taking us on a journey through some musical delights of the 1920s-1930s. The musiciansRead More →


A busy weekend So this weekends adventure was to the fabulous city of Leeds, more specifically Leeds University Union for Swing Revolution 2018. There has been a bit of a theme with my swing dance weekends this year so far – doing something different. The something different for this event was that we had signed up for the Beginner Collegiate Shag stream. It meant that I could actually spend some time dancing with my husband, as well as with Karl. We were joined in our class by fellow Birmingham based dancers, Sophie Flynn and Martin Safar. Day one On Saturday, our teachers were Adam HarriesRead More →

DB 2018 Flyer

Last weekend saw us attend the 2018 DB Lindy Hop Weekender  in Worcester hosted by the fabulous Colin and Izzy. Friday night kicked off with a social dance with live music from Gordon Webster and his band. If you haven’t come across Gordon Webster before, then you should especially if you get the opportunity to see him live. Some of the band had had some travel delays so weren’t there but you would not have known there were some different musicians playing.  More about Gordon later…. I opted to do the Improver level as a lead for this weekend. Yikes! There was no need toRead More →

Thank you to all those who attended class last night, and welcome to the new people and our flying visit ‘one night only’ appearance from a Plymouthian! Last nights class was Week 6 of this block – after 4 weeks of building technique and content, recapping in Week 5 , everyone deserves a little break = fun week! Bring on solo dancing! I had had several conversations over the weekend about music and dancing, and had opted to use a modern track ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald. A fabulous upbeat song with plenty of rhythms to play with. Everyone worked so hard and we gotRead More →

Shine 2018 – to count or not to count??? This post is a little different, where Sam and I write about our challenges, struggles and enjoyment of Shine 2018, a solo jazz weekend. Sam This was my second experience of Shine – a fabulous solo jazz weekend run by Bic and Simone Graham with some amazing teachers; Jenny Thomas Trisha Sewell, Ben Cook Michael Jagger. My challenge was the advanced solo jazz stream. My first challenge was undertaking 2 hours of classes on a Friday evening! (My aim was to push myself and be pushed and challenged). The classes were a mixture of workshops andRead More →


Episode 2 Today we talk to Frankie Jaffey from Birmingham who discusses dancing in two cities; Birmingham and Bristol. We will hear about how her Lindy Hop journey began and developed, how cancer has affected her dancing and the support she has had from the scene. She also offers a few insights to what inspires her to continue dancing and some excellent tips for dancers wanting to improve. KB: hello Frankie. FJ: Hello KB: And welcome to the 1st podcast. Could you introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do that’s not dance related? FJ: Oh, wow! So,I’mRead More →

Episode 1 The opening blog starts with a chat with Simon Furze from Birmingham, a regular dancer at classes and an event organiser. see what he had to say. Welcome Simon KB: – Karl SF: – Simon Furze Recorded Thursday 17th August 2017 KB: Hello Simon, welcome to the very first in a new series of introducing dancers blog. SF: Hello Karl, very exciting. KB: Simon, many of the local dancers have met you but for our new readers, could give us a brief description of what you do outside of dancing. SF: I work for Birmingham City Council, I work in Corporate Comms forRead More →

Or do we think? So, we all dance and share 3 or so minutes having fun, perhaps a fleeting conversation and then move on. One of the things that I love about the swing dance scene is how sociable it is, sometimes I spend the entire evening talking rather than dancing. Often though it’s the other way round. All those fantastic people sitting, dancing, teaching and I have the pleasure of their company for brief moments, but what do they think? What am I thinking? A few months ago I had a thought, why not spend a little longer with some of these wonderful peopleRead More →

How it danced out This weekend event opened with a Friday night social with the amazing Gordon Webster and band providing the most excellent music. Unfortunately, Karl had to go it alone as I doubled booked myself and went to see Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox #pmjtour at The Academy in Birmingham. Saturday was a leisurely start at 11:00 and our first workshop with Vincenzo Fesi  and Jenny Thomas challenging the concept of circles and different ways of undertaking a circle! The wealth and depth of knowledge and skill with this teaching partnership can only be described as inspiring. This was followed by our second workshop ofRead More →

 A trip abroad As September came to a close and the autumn weather started to take hold, an adventure was waiting. Now adventure might be a little overly dramatic, after all it’s dancing and Spain but as my dance weekends away this year come to an end this penultimate venture has all the hallmarks of being a regular on my dance calendar. Sunshine, dancing and friends. The Calpe Swing Fiesta was billed as a weekend dance camp with the focus on relaxing with the option of staying extra nights including dancing in the evenings and optional events during the day, rather than all out workshops.Read More →