A trip abroad As September came to a close and the autumn weather started to take hold, an adventure was waiting. Now adventure might be a little overly dramatic, after all it’s dancing and Spain but as my dance weekends away this year come to an end this penultimate venture has all the hallmarks of being a regular on my dance calendar. Sunshine, dancing and friends. The Calpe Swing Fiesta was billed as a weekend dance camp with the focus on relaxing with the option of staying extra nights including dancing in the evenings and optional events during the day, rather than all out workshops.Read More →

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange So the newly formed Lindy Hop Birmingham go on an adventure to the Edinburgh Lindy Exchange (ELX). In preparation for this we’ve booked flights, arranged hosting with Sam’s sister who conveniently lives within 30 minutes of all the venues and ordered T Shirts to publicise our venture. Fortunately the T Shirts arrive Friday morning and the we’re off flying from BHX it takes an hour in the air and we’re in sunny Edinburgh. The Friday night social is in full swing when we arrive although swing isn’t what’s happening the Ceilidh is going down a storm. Karl sat this out and gentlyRead More →