Our 1st Excursion

Our 1st Excursion

Edinburgh Lindy Exchange

So the newly formed Lindy Hop Birmingham go on an adventure to the Edinburgh Lindy Exchange (ELX). In preparation for this we’ve booked flights, arranged hosting with Sam’s sister who conveniently lives within 30 minutes of all the venues and ordered T Shirts to publicise our venture. Fortunately the T Shirts arrive Friday morning and the we’re off flying from BHX it takes an hour in the air and we’re in sunny Edinburgh.

The Friday night social is in full swing when we arrive although swing isn’t what’s happening the Ceilidh is going down a storm. Karl sat this out and gently sipped the local ale, whilst scanning the room and seeing familiar faces from around the country. Sam however was busy getting into the swing of things by joining in with the Gay Gordon Ceilidh dance – twice! We observed the next Ceilidh dance and glad we did – if you thought swing was complicated, you’re thinking all wrong!

What’s the Worst?

There was a lovely ice breaker activity for the opening social dance,. Sam was the winner by dancing with the most people and swapping a little sticker for each dance. In addition to this, we encountered a jam circle. Donned in our new Lindy Hop Birmingham t-shirts, Sam said “what’s the worst that can happen?” Well, it would appear the worst did actually happen – a 16 bar drum solo from the live band! Just drums, for 16 bars! We survived to tell the tale though.

Saturday Dancing

Saturday’s musicality workshop was amazing! The Shirt Tail Stompers demonstrating how to listen and dance individual instruments. Drums, double bass, guitar, trumpet and clarinet. The presentation style is pitched perfectly, laid back with humour and audience participation. Seeing people move to the clarinet glissando’s is a joy. As a sound engineer Karl tends to take for granted the ability to distinguish individual instruments. Seeing musicians explain it so effectively to dancers fills him with excitement for the rest of the weekends dancing. He wasn’t disappointed when we move to the Mound and  watch people dance to a small band, musicality triumph in the glorious Scottish sunshine.

Dancing at The Mound
Dancing at The Mound

Saturday saw the ‘Ritz and Glitz’ social dance – a beautiful venue but very, very warm.  We met some fantastic people and it was lovely to dance with some new people. The band played some great tunes. Even our behind the scenes Ben Rooney did some dancing with some new people! A good night had by all. Well done to all the people who carried on to the Blues after party and kept going until 4am.

A Relaxing Sunday

Sunday saw a very leisurely start and a filling breakfast, then a wander to the next venue for the Sunday tea dance. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with tea, cake, live swing music and dancing. Alas, we had to fly back on Sunday night, but it was a Scottish bank holiday on Monday so the festivities continued with a pub quiz and another social on Sunday evening.DSCF1802Here’s to the next adventure!