Calpe Swing Fiesta, a weekend away

Calpe Swing Fiesta, a weekend away

 A trip abroad

As September came to a close and the autumn weather started to take hold, an adventure was waiting. Now adventure might be a little overly dramatic, after all it’s dancing and Spain but as my dance weekends away this year come to an end this penultimate venture has all the hallmarks of being a regular on my dance calendar.

Sunshine, dancing and friends.

calpe weekend

The Calpe Swing Fiesta was billed as a weekend dance camp with the focus on relaxing with the option of staying extra nights including dancing in the evenings and optional events during the day, rather than all out workshops. As someone who works in education my options for extra curricula fun was limited to a long weekend.

You can fit a lot into a weekend!

My journey began meeting up with other Lindy hoppers at Birmingham Airport at 7am Friday morning. Breakfast, delays and some dancing in departures and then a trip to Alicante with a plane full of hens/stags and big 0 birthday participants all heading for Benidorm, I was glad we were off to Calpe.


I’m convinced that this is the biggest exodus of swing dancers from the West Midlands on a joint outing in all the time I’ve been dancing. (Throws down gauntlet)

People expect different things from dance weekends, this one for me was less about the lessons and more about social dancing, hanging out and relaxing. Lessons from the DecaVita Sisters, Sonia and Hector, Bic and Simone, and Trisha Sewell are always fabulous and they did not disappoint. Lots of people said similar things, well designed lessons in keeping with the ethos of the weekend. The days consisted of lessons, poolside dancing in the early evening followed by dinner and more dancing late into the night. All this accompanied by glorious weather, great company and the occasional mojito.

I spent a lot of time by the pool relaxing and talking to dancers from all over the UK, we are an interesting bunch. Dancing has so many benefits and in the Lindy Hop community the social element is often overlooked as we strive to fill our evenings with dance after dance. Therefore an opportunity to chat and get to know people should never be underestimated, especially if you are poolside.

Talking of evenings I have to thank Trisha  for persuading me (press ganging) to enter my first Jack and Jill. Definitely fun.

Would I recommend this weekend? Absolutely!

If you want to spend time.

  • In the sunshine
  • Near a beach
  • In a great hotel
  • with fabulous food
  • and fun classes
  • social dancing
  • around fantastic people
  • in a relaxing atmosphere

Then keep the weekend of the 6th October 2017 (and following week) free  (TBC) and keep an eye on the the Lindy Club Website


A very relaxed Karl

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  1. I totally agree! Chats and laughs in and near the pool were a real highlight!

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