Musicality – Listening Pt1

Musicality – Listening Pt1

All this time. Did you find it?

Comparing notes.

After mentioning Sting’s All this time track as an introduction to listening in a previous blog, did you find time to write down what instruments you could hear and where you thought they were standing?

In this quick post, I’ll share how I pictured the stage. I’ll give you a quick stage plan and then add a little more detail on some specific instruments and things that I jotted down.

Stage Layout

Do you have a similar sketch?

What I found interesting about this track was how some instruments moved during the song. Not much, but it’s there.
For example:

  • The organ, the first blast is in the middle but the key swipe goes from right to left and then settles to right of centre.
  • The guitar seems to wander from the right to the centre.
  • The drum fills pan around from right to left.

All little things in what is a very busy mix but once you hear them, you’ll always hear them. 

It takes practice to listen with this level of concentration and as dancers, we practice footwork, techniques and moves. 

Here’s (hears) something new to practice.

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