The dancer thinks…

The dancer thinks…

Or do we think?

So, we all dance and share 3 or so minutes having fun, perhaps a fleeting conversation and then move on. One of the things that I love about the swing dance scene is how sociable it is, sometimes I spend the entire evening talking rather than dancing. Often though it’s the other way round. All those fantastic people sitting, dancing, teaching and I have the pleasure of their company for brief moments, but what do they think?

What am I thinking?

A few months ago I had a thought, why not spend a little longer with some of these wonderful people and let them have a voice to show a little about themselves, perhaps learn new things but also introduce characters who we see weekly, monthly or just once a year at various events.

The dancer thinks… blog series

Coming very soon, sooner than I’d anticipated is the first in a series of informal chats with dancers, organisers, teacher. Basically anyone who I see at an event, class, or who is remotely interested in Swing dancing and wants to share a few thoughts. Armed only with a audio recorder and a introduction I aim to share, inform and stimulate discussions, connections with people we see.

What’s in it for me you ask

That’s a good question. You have the opportunity to share some stories either dance related or not. Share your aspirations and fears, but mainly enjoy the views of other dancers. Relate and empathise. Learn something new about people who ordinarily you see for minutes while listening and dancing.

What will it cost?

It will cost you time, between 20 and 30 minutes unless you talk a lot. In return I can offer tea, beer, wine and good company. A light hearted chat, maybe reveal some intriguing snippet of a secret life Anything to stimulate a conversation, share a dance, create a moment. I’ll even let you plug your latest book, event or guilty secret.


Email with your contact details.

Find me at a social or workshop to arrange a chat.

or I’ll be in touch to give you a exclusive chance to share.


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