(That’s) What gets results?

(That’s) What gets results?

As we head towards the festive celebrations we (Lindy Hop Birmingham) are taking our 1st break from teaching since September. It’s been a tremendous start since becoming ‘independent’. With new dancers, tasters classes at Hot Ginger and Hot Club de Swing, then getting up to speed with websites and social media. The day to day administration having never been self employed before is finally less overwhelming.

T’ain’t what you do

The break from teaching and from the day job enables us to take a constructive look at how things have been going. There have been busy weeks and not so busy weeks that felt a lot like private lessons. Lots of fun, plenty of walking and galloping, the odd collision and plenty of fantastic dancing in both classes. At times, challenging combinations and musical surprises. Reviewing all the class notes, music choices and the occasional video is all helping to see the direction that  we’d like to explore.
All that aside without you the classes wouldn’t exist with your sheer determination, enthusiasm and on some evenings the tenacity to battle both the weather and the late evening traffic. We are very happy that you feel inspired to come and learn more, so on that note…

The way that you (we) do it.

So while we scribble down class plans, ideas for workshops, contingency plans for the weeks Sam is on honeymoon and which events and workshops to attending (hopefully with a few of you to bolster the Birmingham representation)  what we  really want to know is  what YOU would like see and learn in the coming terms.

  • The things that you love
  • The things that you don’t
  • The things that we haven’t done yet

Feel free to add comments to the post or if you’re a little shy to post publicly email info@lindyhopbirmingham.co.uk

Have a fantastic Christmas break and see you all again on the 4th January